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Resource Description: The catalog 1WHSP is the result of a multi-frequency selection for blazars like SED, further filtered using IR-radio and IR-X-ray flux-ratios. The sample assembled contains almost 992 sources of HSP blazars, of which 425 are previously known blazars, 151 new identifications and 416 blazar candidates. On the very high energy trend, 299 are confirmed GeV gamma-ray photons emitters and 36 have already been detected in the TeV band.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
id id Internal id N/A meta
name name Designation N/A;meta.main
raj2000 RA Right ascension deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decj2000 Dec Declination deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
WISE_mag IR mag WISE magnitude mag phot.mag;em.IR
radio_flux Radio flux density Radio flux density, NVSS or FIRST mJy phot.flux;
z z redshift N/A src.redshift
z_flag z-flag redshift quality flag [Note z_flag] N/A meta.code
asdc_link asdc sed tool N/A N/A N/A
nu_peak log(nu peak) Synchroton frequency peak log(Hz) em.freq
nu_flag nu-flag Frequency peak measurement quality flag [Note nu_flag] N/A meta.code
flux_peak log(flux peak) Flux peak log(**-2.s**-1) em.freq
blazar_type Blazar type Blazar extended information flag [Note blazar_type] N/A meta.code
Fermi_gr_slope Gamma-ray slope Gamma-ray slope from Fermi N/A obs.param
Fermi_gr_slope_error Gamma-ray slope error Error on gamma-ray slope from Fermi N/A stat.error;obs.param
TEV_FOM TeV FOM TeV figure-of-merit estimated flux (E>50GeV) unknown obs.param
BZcat_name BZcat name BZcat designation if any N/A
Fermi_name Fermi name Fermi designation if any N/A

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